Probation Department Mission Statement

The Willoughby Municipal Court Probation Department is a leader in Community corrections, working with the Judiciary and the community to create a safer society. We are committed to providing the Court with quality and reliable information and to offering viable, cost-effective sentencing and pretrial options. Through a balance of enforcement and treatment strategies, we hold offenders accountable and afford them opportunities to become productive, law abiding citizens.


  1. You shall obey all federal, state, or local laws. You must contact your probation officer immediately if arrested or questioned by a law enforcement officer.
  2. You shall report to your probation officer as directed and on time.
  3. You shall associate only with law-abiding persons and be away from your home only for specific, legal, reasonable purposes.
  4. You shall notify your probation officer immediately of any change in your place of residence or telephone number.
  5. You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the best of your ability. When out of work, you shall notify your probation officer at once.
  6. You must notify your probation officer if you are going on vacation in excess of seven (7) days. You may not permanently leave the State of Ohio without the Court's prior approval.
  7. You must make all payments of fines, debts, or restitutions ordered by the Court on time.
  8. You shall not use, possess, or have under your control, any controlled substance not prescribed to you by a licensed physician. Use of alcohol is prohibited.
  9. You shall submit to random urinalysis as directed by your probation officer.
  10. You shall follow your probation officer's instructions and comply with any noted special conditions.
  11. The terms and conditions of probation may be modified and supplements by the Court.

Chief Probation Officer

Probation Officer


Probation Coordinator

Willoughby Municipal Court • 4000 Erie St. • Willoughby, OH 44094 • phone: 440-953-4150 • fax: 440-953-4149 •

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