Online forms are available that are categorized as Criminal/Traffic or Small Claims. The forms are available for your use for the following purposes:



General Motion Form

May be used when you wish the Court's consideration of some specific matter, i.e., modify sentence, modify payments, terminate court-imposed license suspension. A $20 filing fee is required on all general motions.


Waiver of Appearance at Hearing to Seal Records

To be filed if you wish to forego appearance at the hearing regarding your request to seal records

Civil BMV Petition

To be filed when you petition the Court relative to Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles suspensions, i.e., 12-point, out of state OVI conviction, Noncompliance, Implied Consent, Miscellaneous Suspensions. The filing of the petition must be permitted under Ohio law and the Court must have jurisdiction to consider the petition in question. A $115 filing fee is required at the time of filing.

Small Claim Complaint

Small claims filing not to exceed $6,000.00. Applicable filing fees apply.

Small Claim Counterclaim

Small Claim counterclaim not to exceed $6,000.00. Applicable filing fees apply.

Affidavit Of Lien Holder For Release Of Forfeited Vehicle

This Affidavit may be used to support a Motion of Lien holder to seek release of a forfeited motor vehicle.

Motion By Lien Holder For Release Of Forfeited Vehicle

May be used by a Lien holder of a motor vehicle forfeited to the arresting agency to seek release of the vehicle to enforce its lien. If the Lien holder is other than an individual, the Motion must be filed by an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Ohio.

Motion To Waive Issuance Of Immobilization Order

Used by a family or household member (as defined in O.R.C. 2919. 25) to petition the Court to waive the immobilization order to permit a family or household member to operate a designated vehicle due to hardship when the Court is required as part of the sentence in OVI convictions to immobilize said vehicle. The motion is to be filed prior to issuance of an immobilization order by the Court. A $10 filing fee is required at the time of filing. Should the motion be granted, a $50 immobilization waiver fee will be required of the defendant or family or household member as determined by the Court.

Recording Request


Instructions for Small Claims Form


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